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Get the best cyber security solution from AGE Technologies, by Nozomi Networks. Nozomi Networks is dedicated to reducing cyber risk for the world’s industrial, OT and IoT organisations, offering effective solutions for many industries, offering protection for companies across the globe.

Let the team from AGE Technologies assess your cyber security needs, and implement the best solution from Nozomi Networks to secure your business and operations. Contact AGE Technologies today.

Nozomi Networks – Securing the World’s Largest Organisations

Nozomi Networks have customers in every industry where OT and IoT is essential to the business’ success. Boasting some major customers, Nozomi Networks provide effective cyber security solutions for organizations in the following industries:


Electric Utilities



Oil & Gas





Building Automation

Food & Retail


Smart Cities


Key Differentiators of Nozomi Network Solutions


You will get an accurate view of your network, see what is on it, and how it is behaving.


Higher visibility allows you to detect cyber threats, risks and anomalies easily for faster response.


Get a unified cyber security solution that offers visibility and monitoring at scale across your entire infrastructure.

  • A comprehensive cyber security solution for OT and IoT security and visibility
  • Advanced threat detection allows for faster reaction
  • Accurate anomaly alerts allowing you to focus on important issues
  • Proven scalability to access and monitor thousands of sites
  • Easy IT/OT integration to streamline all security efforts
  • Enjoy faster ROI and benefits with exceptional customer engagement and support

Solution Brief

Guardian Data Sheet

Nozomi Networks Guardian


Guardian™ starts by automatically Discovering and tracking all assets, building a dynamic Visualization of your network.


A Vulnerability Assessment is performed on devices for Risk Monitoring.


Anomaly and Threat Detection will help to effectively monitor your mixed environments.


Visibility and management is simplified by the single console that offers Time-Saving Dashboards and Forensic Tools..


Unified Security for thousands of distributed sites that Integrates with existing SOC workflows and IT security controls.

Implement a Nozomi Network Solution with AGE Technologies

Get an effective and reliable cyber security solution from AGE Technologies, your partner in Electrical Engineering Solutions, Automation and Control. AGE Technologies will implement and integrate your Nozomi Network products so that your organization is secured by a state-of-the-art cyber security system.

Contact AGE Technologies today for a cyber security solution from Nozomi Networks that will exceed your needs and expectations.

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